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About us

Villa Sepeti (VS) is a trademark of Nero Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş. Our company is a group A travel agency member TÜRSAB license number 8172. Our agency title is Nerostar Travel Tourism. The VS address of the brand in the domestic villa rental industry as a direct sales portal www.villasepeti.com web site is used. You can reach our English page at www.villalettingsturkey.com. Versions of this website in different languages ​​are under construction. You can check our villas which are suitable for honeymoon holidays from www.balayivillalari.com address, and our holiday villas that cannot be seen from the outside by our www.gizlivillalar.com website. The current prices and information of all houses in these presentations are available on our villasepeti.com page. Our travel agency only deals with the organization of short-term renting of holiday apartments, houses and private homes and the sale of real estate.

Our agency cooperates with tourism agencies operating in many countries including Russia and Azerbaijan, not only in Turkey but also in Central Europe, and it helps to attract foreign tourists to our country.

The partners of our company have been actively involved in the villa rental sector since 2005 and do this in a professional manner rather than in the realm of tourism. Because we know that vacationing with home rentals is very different from vacationing at a hotel. This sector requires much more care than mass tourism and each customer needs to be treated in a special way. Our company acts with this principle.

Our company continues its activities in the office located in Goztepe district of Izmir. Apart from our office, we have many colleagues and representatives who work together in the regions and act as our representatives. Below are the photos of our office. You can reach our company address information from the menu above or by clicking here.

VS's firsts in villa rental

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The most important value for VS is the satisfaction of our guests. We know that the satisfaction rate increases with the exact overlap of the photos and information of the house you rent with the photographs seen on the internet. Our aim is to prepare the videos of the houses and show you the parts you can't see from the photos. You can reach home videos by clicking here.

The VS Blog page contains information about the home rental industry. It is aimed to give general information about the sector and a platform where you can contribute. You can visit our blog.villasepeti.com page for everything you can think of about this holiday style.

We ask our guests to rate and comment on their holiday after their stay is over. VS publishes all comments on its page that do not contain any offensive or bad content. 90.3% satisfaction rate is based entirely on real reviews and you can reach it all by clicking here.

Company tax identification

Tax administration : Konak
Tax number : 631 065 15 23
Agency title : Nerostar Travel Turizm - Class A document number 8172

Our mission and vision

Villa Sepeti, Aegean and Mediterranean coast only offers carefully selected quality holiday homes. Our primary goal is to provide guest satisfaction and an unforgettable home holiday experience, because we know that a happy guest will recommend us to ten guests. Our company is very selective in expanding its portfolio and works only with “trouble-free” holiday homes and “trouble-free” homeowners.

  • To be the only address in the field in which we operate with our innovations and honest business ethics that we have brought to the rapidly developing villa holiday sector in our country in recent years.
  • To solve the needs of the agencies we work abroad as soon as possible and to serve the foreign tourists we bring to our country in the best way and continue to promote our country at the highest level.
  • Not only summer cottages from different regions with different properties from every corner of Turkey to provide the high quality holiday homes.

Last word

It has become a necessity for all of us to take a holiday in this busy work and life pace rather than a privilege. We do our best to make this precious and limited time with your family and loved ones fun, but also relaxing, in the comfort of a home. Tell us what you dream of a holiday and we will realize your dream together!

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