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Isıtmalı iç havuzulu ödüllü villamız Villa Alara'da
15 Nisan'a kadar indirimli tatil fırsatını kaçırmayın !
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Balayı için muhteşem bir seçenek olan Villa Seven'de
Nisan'a özel indirimli tatil fırsatı
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Nisan'a özel indirimlerle muhteşem
Villa Asteriks'te tatil imkanı
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Tam korunaklı havuzlu, balayı için muhteşem bir seçenek
olan Villa Maksim'de Nisan'a özel indirimli tatil imkanı
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Houses available for short term rentals
July August September October
2 days available (49)
3 days available (38)
4 days available (22)
5 days available (20)
6 days available (10)
2 days available (111)
3 days available (96)
4 days available (66)
5 days available (78)
6 days available (54)
2 days available (37)
3 days available (55)
4 days available (52)
5 days available (59)
6 days available (28)
2 days available (24)
3 days available (39)
4 days available (24)
5 days available (18)
6 days available (19)
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In this section, we have collected our luxury homes for you. To quickly find the villa you are looking for, you can check the options below or search by clicking on the "show all houses" link. please click
Top 10 houses with best review rates
villa-emir resmi
Villa Emir
/ 10

59 review(s)
villa-prenses resmi
Villa Prenses
/ 10

22 review(s)
villa-aysen resmi
Villa Ayşen
/ 10

11 review(s)
villa-kaan resmi
Villa Kaan
/ 10

20 review(s)
villa-toska resmi
Villa Toska
/ 10

20 review(s)
villa-sanat resmi
Villa Sanat
/ 10

29 review(s)
villa-germen resmi
Villa Germen
/ 10

13 review(s)
villa-manolya resmi
Villa Manolya
/ 10

68 review(s)
villa-valentin resmi
Villa Valenti
/ 10

13 review(s)
villa-elif resmi
Villa Elif
/ 10

34 review(s)
What is the difference of Villa Lettings Turkey to other websites?
Villa Sepeti offers short-term villa rental with private pool. We are also at your service with daily, weekly and monthly rentals. Our villas are located in Alanya, Belek, Bodrum, Cesme, Dalaman, Dalyan, Datca, Fethiye, Foca, Gocek, Gokova, Kalkan, Kas, Kemer, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Side. Our team of TÜRSAB A class travel agency, our team will visit the most beautiful holiday places for you to examine the villas and you can quickly reach the holiday homes. You can list conservative and completely personalized options on our site according to their qualifications and you can examine the quality of villas and houses that you can call my dream holiday villa. Less than a week, daily rental in Fethiye and Bodrum district is also possible. In short, you can find what you're looking for on holiday villas in villasepeti.com.

Customer Satisfaction

What Villa Lettings Turkey wants is customer satisfaction. Our aim is to satisfy the customer, so that they are planning another holiday with us.

Our team is specialized for a long time on the letting of villas in allover Turkey. We are the most experienced team in this business. Our office is located in Izmir. If you want to know more about our experience and knowledge, click in the menu on "About Us".
A portfolio of selected villas and houses

Villa Lettings Turkey is only advertising selected rental properties from Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Our rental programm consists of “problem-free” holiday houses. All villas have been visited by our team.
Video and Photo

The Villa Lettings Turkey team takes all video shots and pictures of all houses in their portfolio and offers villas with positive and negative aspects to the guests.
Organizational Structure

In order to preserve the structure of the organization we get in touch with each customer and try to create the best possible deal. We see ourselves as a tourism provider and not as a letting agent. We are a service company, so no price negotiations can be made. Our prices are fix.
Special Scope

Villa Lettings Turkey has a range that extends across Turkey.
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